Hope in a Dark Time

Storms clouds are finally breaking up.

Storms clouds are finally breaking up.

It’s no secret the world has lost its mind. Bad news is everywhere, which we don’t need to rehash. I have found that sliver of light you’ve all been wanting to read about, so let’s talk about that.

I found an online literary magazine that gives me some hope. Not just because of its editorial focus, which is on hunger of any kind. But because rather than just drawing attention to (actual physical belly) hunger, it does something about it.

Word Soup (http://wordsoup.weebly.com) is a poetry magazine that welcomes submissions accompanied with a “submission fee” of a small donation (minimum $6) to any national, regional, or local organization that works to eradicate hunger. In other words, Word Soup says, as long as we’re talking about hunger, let’s do something about it.

Editor Kim Baker is on to something here! She obviously cares deeply for those who lack, but rather than merely “wax poetic” about the tilt of our economic table, she inspires others to be part of the solution, as she clearly is. Check out the latest issue here: http://wordsoup.weebly.com/issue-six-june-2015.html. Better yet, get your $6 and submit some poems here: http://wordsoup.weebly.com/submit.html. The next issue’s theme is “Paying It Forward” and in that spirit, Baker found donors who will pay the “submission fee” for 4 poets. So all you starving poets out there, head over for a generous serving of Word Soup! The rest of you can share your stories of similar collisions of art and generosity with Words Run Together in the comments below.




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