Sandra S. McRae
Photo by Paul Trantow, Altitude Arts

wordsruntogether and eventually get where they intended

How does one live an abundant life and yet find time to write? Well, sometimes sleep must be sacrificed. Even with a busy family, a working husband who volunteers as a firefighter, and a teaching career, Sandra still makes poetry a central focus of her life. It helps that she is an accomplished insomniac.

Sandra’s poems have appeared in many online and print magazines, including Glass, Pure Francis, Steam Ticket, Poets Against the War, and Word Riot. Sandra is co-author of the bestseller cookbook Weber’s Big Book of Grilling (Chronicle Books), which has sold over half a million copies. She is currently seeking a publisher for her most recent poetry manuscript.

Sandra earned her bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University after having studied in Bordeaux, France. She received a Fulbright Grant to study in (West) Germany and lived in Regensburg, Göttingen, and Köln. She speaks both French and German. Sandra earned her Master of Arts degree from the University of Colorado-Boulder, where she taught creative writing.

But all God’s children gotta eat, so for 20 years, Sandra was self-employed as a writer and marketer at Wily Dog Marketing. She worked in multiple industries, most notably in cooking and fine dining. More recently she rekindled her teaching career and now teaches writing at Red Rocks Community College near Denver.

Sandra and her family live in the Colorado Rockies with two dogs, herds of deer, and the occasional bear. They are never bored.

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