Stillness. You should try it sometime.

Today I’m thinking of all the little things we do to avoid true emotion. You might think of the obvious: turn the channel, drink too much, eat too much, do drugs, chatter incessantly, watch TV, shoot things, opine, criticize, judge, etc.

Oh that big bag of nonsense we call “etc.” We all drag one of those around with us, don’t we?

Friends, it’s time to lay that burden down. Just stop doing what you’re doing.

Because I know how your brain is being trained right now. Streaming through internet content and social media updates. Oh look, here’s story on the earthquake in Nepal! The latest antics of apocalypse-advancing ISIS. Someone got shot by a cop (again). Quick, find me a stupid video of a cat knocking shit off a table so I can DEAL!

We can’t believe the horrors we read. We shouldn’t! There’s so much crazy shit going on right now, it’s like the world is boiling over with anger and madness. So we dive under a steady stream of shit we can handle. Distractions and rants we agree with. We splash on words and images like cheap cologne and think we are ready for the big dance, tripping over ourselves as we rush into the gym.

So what’s a girl to do?

How about nothing? How about just sitting with the ‘whelmedness of it all for just. a tiny. minute.

30 seconds even. I dare you. Just sit with it and listen to your breathing–not your chatty brain. Just listen to your ever-loving lungs. The ones who’ve been fueling your crazy self for all these years.

Close your eyes and just breathe for 30 seconds.

In through the nose, out through the mouth. Loud, breathy breaths.

No one is watching or listening, so if you do one thing right today, this should be it.

Shoulders back, open the chest, inhale.

I’ll wait here while you breathe. In fact, I’ll breathe with you……





That is all. Peace be with you.


 Amazing mosaic by my BFF Amy McClure, artist extraordinaire. I was so moved by this gift that, for a moment or two, I was speechless. That’s saying something.


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2 Responses to Stillness. You should try it sometime.

  1. Amy McClure says:

    Great advice. Gonna keep on trying! Twice last week I made it all the way to five minutes. Quieting my mind for any length of time is one of the hardest things I’ve ever tried.

    • Amy, I know what you mean. Five minutes is impressive! I have my lovely “Be Still” mosaic you made me to inspire me. I will go ahead and add a photo of it to my post right now!

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