Driving Lessons and Lily’s Spelling List appeared on One Sentence Poems in February 2018.

Litany appeared in DISARM: A Gun Sense Anthology, April 2017.

Where I Come From appeared in Marathon Literary Review, February 2017.

Involuntary Chemical Reaction and I Tell Her Every Day She’s Beautiful appeared in Mother’s Always Write in June 2016.

The Nobility of Service was a finalist in the 2015 Denver County Fair Poetry Contest “Summer Short.”

For Sarah, Driving to the PSAT appeared in Mothers Always Write  in August 2015

2 poems appeared in Word Soup, June 2015 (http://wordsoup.weebly.com/issue-six-june-2015.html):


Lupini for Breakfast (for Clinio)

Answers May Vary appeared in Pure Francis, Dec. 2012, and in How Higher Education Feels: Commentaries on Poems That Illuminate Emotions in Learning and Teaching by Kathleen Quinlan (2016, Sense Publishers)

2 poems appeared in Glass: A Journal of Poetry:

Nice Work If You Can Get It      

all the way to just about there

3 prose poems appeared in Pure Francis, June 2011:

Buffalo Gals Not Only Refuse to Come Out Tonight, They Remain Cloistered Inside, Where They Sit Quietly by the Light of the Victorian Lamp with the Pink Beaded Shade

Put Your Head on My Shoulder, but Leave Your Feet by the Door

Keep Away from Run-Around Sue, but If You Get the Chance, Sidle Up to Hang-Out Sally

Blood on the Motel Sidewalk appeared in Steam Ticket

The following two poems are from a seasonal series:

In April

May in Evergreen

The following three poems are from a series labeled Beer, Wine & Spirits, and appeared in different publications:


To an Unlabeled Bottle of Viognier


These poems have appeared in other publications, as noted on their pages.

Door Wedgies

Camel Jockeys

A Humble Request

the Abenaki word for clock is babizookwazik in Word Riot


guernica unveiled, originally published in Poets Against War