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Call It What It Is. Then END It.

We interrupt this blog stream to bring you the latest. We have an explosive problem in America today…not a new one, but one that has been allowed to fester in darkness. Now we have a “president” who adds fertilizer to … Continue reading

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Katy’s World

Pulling into Wampen, I wanted to know it in all its seasons, to see the nearby town of Neuenkirchen with its beautiful church, and to see the bigger city of Greifswald and its university, where Katy’s husband works. But we … Continue reading

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Tips for Traveling in Germany (and maybe finding your purpose in life)

Do it. Just go. You can worry later about how to pay for it. Life is short and the world is big. Get moving! Arrive with a few Euros in hand (you might have to pre-order from your bank, so … Continue reading

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