Sandra’s guest appearance on the Blog Talk Radio program “The D Spot,” with Kelly Sullivan Walden and Joan Gelfand. Here Sandra teaches you how to write poetry based on your dreams, and reads three poems: “Coyotepocalypse”, “Dream Sequence: Soulagement”, and the ever-popular “Junk Drawer.”
Listen here: Dream Art with Sandra S. McRae 


These poems were recorded in studio on March 25, 2010.

Blood on the Motel Sidewalk

In Deutschland Waren die Telefonzellen Hellgelb

To an Unlabeled Bottle of Viognier

Tiny Islands

Will Run for Butter

Let Me Get This Straight

In April

The Interpreter of Birds

The LaVelles and Kids Shooting Frogs into the Sky
This poem is from the Nonno Slide Poems, a series of poems based on titles in my grandfather’s slide log. A prolific photographer, he labeled every roll of slides he ever took with the contents. I read his notations one day and decided many of them would make good poem titles. The resulting poems practically wrote themselves, but often surprised me with what they had to say and where they ended up.