Where to Begin?

It’s been a Year of Overwhelm so far, n’est-ce pas? So many changes, most of the them horrifying, at the national and international level. Which of course trickles down to our personal levels. Relationships can suffer. Mental health? Definitely under attack. Humor? Hopefully resilient. But how do you write when there’s so much to take in, process (God forbid), and make sense of?

Answer: Find a quiet place. Turn off all media. Sit a spell. Sip something warm and soothing. If that doesn’t help, something cold and bracing. And then Breathe.

One. Exhale.

Two.  Exhale.

Three. Exhale.

Then, when you feel steady, pick up a pen and paper. Begin. No filters, no rules. Just start.

And see what happens.

Let me know how it goes.


Looks like an obstacle…

...because no way down...

…because no way down…

...so form strong connections.

…so form strong connections.

You got this.

You got this.

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